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Client Testimonials

  • "LawyerLocate.ca has been a great source of business from the internet. High quality leads that have consistently turned into new clients."

    M.S., Vancouver Lawyer

  • "When I went out on my own 6 months ago I didn’t consider the internet a viable source for business generation. But it clearly is – and my listing with LawyerLocate.ca proves that to me. It allows me to advertise globally and to reach potential clients that I could never expect to reach with a traditional Yellow Pages advertisement."

    D.S., Toronto Civil Lawyer

  • "I have been using LawyerLocate.ca for several months and am extremely pleased with the service provided.  The results have been well worth the relatively modest investment. It is an excellent mode of advertising and has provided me more leads to date than the costly Yellow Pages route!"

    M.C., Oakville Employment Lawyer

  • "Thank you for all the referrals that you send our way. It is definitely value for money. "

    K. B., Brampton Lawyer

  • "It certainly paid for itself every year and more so....[I] credit www.lawyerlocate.ca for contributing to the almost 1000 visitors to [my] firm's website last year. "

    B.B., St. John's Lawyer

The Lawyers Weekly

The Social Network [Published April 1, 2011. Written by Chris Guly

“Sole practitioners and smaller firms have relied on word-of-mouth referrals because they started at a time when that was the primary way they got business. But when people of my generation, who grew up with the Internet and Facebook, get into practice and start utilizing those social media resources, they are going to take a huge market share away from practitioners not connected online.” [Read article.]


The lowdown on lawyer referral services. [Published June 27, 2008. Written by Arnold Ceballos.]

"Launched in 2002, her service has made over 50,000 referrals from around the world, according to Waddell....Participating lawyers are not required to report back... nor are they obligated to provide a free consultation." [Read article.]


Online referral sites offer interactive way to promote practice. [Published March 25, 2005. Written by Oliver Bertin.]

"Waddell's service has proven popular among small and medium-sized law firms...(and) like most other referral services, LawyerLocate.ca is free for the client." [Read article.]


National Magazine

Connecting with clients [Published March 2011. Written by Michael Rappaport.]

"Unlike law societies' referral services, we don't require lawyers to give a half-hour free consultation or file a report with the law society after each consultation. We make it easy for both lawyers and clients." [Read article.]