Membership Information

We have developed 4 membership packages to provide you the opportunity to enhance your exposure on our website, according to your current financial budget and marketing needs. Regardless of the membership package you choose, you receive all the same basic benefits. A membership with is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to gain a professional online presence and to allow clients find you ‘in two mouse clicks’.

The Low-Cost Monthly Membership

Helps the lawyer who may be starting out with a tight budget. Retain just one client in the first 30-60 days (as most members do) and the return on your investment will be approximately 5 to 10 times more than the membership fee. (Please note: there is a 3-month minimum on this option due to costs associated with account setup.)

$90.00 (plus applicable taxes) per month.

The Basic Annual Membership

The Basic Annual Membership is designed to save you money while providing a steady stream of new client opportunities over a full twelve months. You save $330 over the monthly payment option (essentially giving you additional 3.5 months of service).

$750.00 (plus applicable taxes) per year.

The Enhanced Annual Membership

The Enhanced Annual Membership includes 2 multi-city listings, where your name and a link to your profile page appear in two additional cities of your choice.

$850.00 (plus applicable taxes) per year.

The Premium 2-Year Membership

The best value of all. Not only is today’s membership fees locked in for two full years of service (with no extra costs or increases), you also receive a free professionally designed standard page banner advertisement for twelve months (a value of $3,000). This no-charge banner ad campaign increases your online visibility and web traffic to your own website or profile page within

$1500.00 plus (applicable taxes) per 2-years.


The LawyerLocate smart phone app

As an added bonus to your membership, your full profile will appear in our mobile app that is fully searchable and GPS driven and is available free to the public on all Smartphone platforms.


What are you waiting for?

Registration is easy. Select your desired membership package. Complete the 5-minute application form associated with the membership. And within 24-hours you will be featured online and ready to receive new client referrals.



Contact us. We will be pleased to answer any questions you have and provide you with all details you require to make an informed business decision.